Vietnam cashew nut confirmed the position on international market

Recently, in USA, cashew industry conference was held by Association of food industries (AFI), 25 members of Vietnam enterprises joined this event.
With this conference, almost cashew industry giants of USA attended and Vietnam cashew nut became an issue was emphasized as important subject. Some premium international customers said quality of Vietnam cashew nut can be on top of the world and if Vietnam cashew nut and others countries cashew nut have same price, they will prioritize to buy cashew nut of Viet Nam.

This occasion supported for our country’s enterprises to find chance of promotion trade and USA is big import market of Viet Nam cashew nut.

Last time, Vietnam cashew nut industry had one “leap” when quantity since some hundred tons in 1980 then increases to 350.000 tons in 2005, on top of the world about quantity, the second of the world about process (after only India). With USA for 20 years, Vietnam cashew nut joins USA market with some container every year in the first time, until 1996, exported products has increased day by day and this year may ranks over 40.000 tons (over 40% quantity Vietnam cashew nut).

Representative of Planter company (Kraff food), every year imports over 1.000 container Vietnam cashew nut said, Kraff food strongly believes in Vietnam cashew nut and hopes Vietnam cashew nut industry continues develop well in future.

However, one problem is focused by Viet Nam producers is impurities problem. Although ratio of impurities in kernel cashew nut of Vietnam is lower than others countries, recently it is appeared piece of metal, crumbs pebbles and even hair; moreover, pests on nuts make ugly cashew nut and lower quality of products.
AFI also suggests Vietnam producer should to use protected solution with CO2 instead of nitrogen gas like now.

Others issue is noted by importers is Vietnam import material from many different sources and different process way so flavor, color are heterogeneous.
When conference finished, representative USA cashew nut importers and Vietnam Cashew Association committed some issues, USA suggests Vietnam promote cashew nut more because of benefits of it. Cashew nut products have to be fresher day by day, haven’t use pesticide and if toxic ratio is high, shipment will be returned.

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