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Overview of Product

Type: Cashew Nuts

Cultivation Type: Common

Processing Type: roasted , dried

Packaging: vacuum 500gr, vaccum 10kg, bottle 250gr, bottle 500gr, bottle tin 10kg

Use: Food Snack

Place of Origin: Dong nai province Vietnam

Product Name: Roasted  & Salted cashew nuts withskin or skinless, Cashew Kernel

Flavor: Salty, raw

Grade:  w320, w240, L/P…

Packing: 30bags 500gr/box carton

Conditions of Storage: Avoid Hight-heat,Moisture,Pressure, best of keep dry  and cold

Ingredients: 99% cashew nuts, 1% salt

Moisture: 5% max

Spotted: 5% max

Broken: 5% max

Foreign matter: 1% max

Certification: FDA, QCVN, getting HACCP & ISO 22000

Brand Name:  HẠT ĐIỀU NHÀ LÊ

HS Number: 20081910

Packaging & Delivery

Carton Size ( cm) : 40x50x60cm.
Packing: Separate bag packaging+Food packaging bag+Carton

Port : Hochiminh port ( Cát Lái) , Truck border…

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About US

Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company, Producer

Location : Hochiminh Vietnam, Hanoi Vietnam, Dongnai Province

Main Products:  cashew nuts roasted & salted,  dried lotus seeds , Dried mango, Dried Dragon fruit 

Ownership : Private Owner

Total Employees : 30 People

Supply Ability 4000/Bags per Day

Year Established : 2014 and building  a new Factory in Dongnai

Production experience: 10 years

Certifications : FDA, QCVN,  APPLYING HACCP & ISO 22000

Trademarks : HẠT ĐIỀU NHÀ LÊ

Main Markets: Domestic 95%, Asia 4,5%  , America 0,5%

Factory Information

Factory Size: 1000 square meters

Location: Dongnai, Vietnam

Business Terms

Accepted Delivery

 FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, CIP, FCA, Express Delivery

Accepted Payment 


Accepted Payment

 T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union, Cash, Escrow


I never sell old products, are off, moldy, rotten, my salesmen are given feedback from customers surely 100%, and they rarely are given unsatisfied feedback. Please believe me, my products are made with and conscientious, so cashew nut products are stable and delicious, you can realize my product quality are stable than others company’s product quality.

The rotten cashew nut rate is very low, I promise the off, rotten cashew nut rate less than 2%, in fact, even this rate less than 1% because I am a perfectionism person, I am trying to decrease this rate as much as possible.

I always check cashew nut products five times before they are released, I spend the most time for checking in products, if I recognize rotten cashew nut, I will unsatisfied. With my carefulness, although return customers are a lot, they rarely complain about my cashew nut products. Sellers never want to be complained by customers, in contrast, we hope so are praise. I promise customers always are pleased with my cashew nut products. (Others companies don’t carefully check the rotten cashew nut rate because they wonder this rate is high, they want to sell their products with lower price by this way, sometimes this real rate over 5%, it isn’t like my company always want to down this rate as lowest as possible).   

100% cashew nut made in Viet Nam. If others companies said their cashew nut products are 100% cashew nut made in Viet Nam, they will be low quality products which are mixed by many kind of cashew nut from Africa. However I never do that because I don’t want to lost company’s reputation. Only Viet Nam cashew nut is fat, sweet and delicious.

Stable roast formula:  It’s the bad to roast cashew nut is fire, unripe, too salty or too light. Many customers said to me some companies provide them too salty cashew nut. Do you try to taste my cashew nut products? My cashew nut products are delicious aromatic, fat with medium roasted. For well-established in the market and development in business, my company has skillful staffs who have been hard-working for many years to create stable roast formula. I hope so you try to my cashew nut products one time to feel how is devoted and conscientious from me (LE).

Cashew nut flavor: The first cashew nut hasn’t to be bad smell by oil which is the most important condition. Only cashew nuts just are roasted for four month are satisfied this condition. Cashew nuts have to be crunchy, not off, fat and delicious. Many companies sell cashew nut products aren’t fat (because this products are mixed with Africa cashew nut so they are so bad) off and hard. Besides that, their roast formula is unstable so their products are variable quality. If you don’t try to taste, you won’t realize this products are good or bad. Even some factories roast cashew nuts are too salty, burnt or unripe. If cashew nut is unripe, we can solve, but if it is burnt, we cannot do anything. Therefore, when distinguishing price, you shouldn’t choose not only dirt cheap products but also so expensive products. The average price is good. You need to think clearly and select carefully. Let’s try to eat my cashew nut company, you will feel good difference and satisfy about it.  

Food safety condition: Do you know some factories roast and spread cashew nut on the floor where the pets are run across? Food safety condition is very important, so you choose company is better than small vendor. Because the government rarely checks in small vendors, so food safety condition isn’t ensured in small vendors. If customers consider dog’s fur in your products, it will be so difficult to explain with them. My cashew nut products are produced with closed system, I ensured my products are ensured of food safety condition, my products are received certificated satisfied condition for exported.

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