Learn about cashew nut processing technology in Viet Nam

Vietnam has advantages about natural conditions to produce raw cashew nut but it isn’t enough condition for Viet Nam on top of quantity and value exported products. Technology plays an important part for Vietnam to achieve this goal.

Cheap and good Viet Nam cashew nut processing technology

Until now Viet Nam has been number one position about exporting raw cashew nut in the world for many years. Cashew nut produced technology roles an important part to this success. Since 1985, Viet Nam created cashew nut process is very suitable with practical conditions and human resources of our nation. The best advantage of that technology is splitting cashew nut to take kernel with the lowest rate of broken nut.

That technology is fit to our nation because we have abundant human resources. Moreover, which helps workers to work effective, have high productivity and save labor force, especially that technology increases broken nut rate.

Cost of domestic rice shelling machine is cheaper than exported one from abroad while quality, productivity is higher than more times.

Advantages of cashew nut processing technology

Until now almost cashew processing stages are used machine replace for handmade. Before enterprises primarily export machine from China, Italy, India, now we create by themselves many machines with lower price and better function.

For example, peeling machine remarkably creates high peeling rate and cleaner. Shell cutting machine with effect is 90%. Moreover, some others machine as dried machine, moisture meters machine, metal detectors machine, color analyzer machine, particle size analysis machine, disinfection machine, finished product packaging or salt roasted processing machine, fried cashew nut processing machine, snack cashew nut processing machine…

Proactive in technology bring to some benefits:

  • Saving cost to export machine
  • Increasing cost of hiring
  • Increasing cost of production
  • Improve competitiveness

Now some countries of Africa really want to cashew nut processing technology of our nation.

To improve productivity, quality, increase cost of product, improve competitiveness on the market, it’s necessary and effective to invest for Vietnam cashew nut processing technology.

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