The difficulty to Vietmam cashew nut production industry

Vietnam is on top of the world about quantity of exported cashew nut now, besides advantages, the cashew nut industry face to face with many difficulties to achieve goals of exporting.

Lack of material

Lack of material isn’t new problem to cashew nut production industry of our nation. This problem has been reminded many years ago.

In 2017 our nation’s cashew nut production industry exported 3 million USD but producers got difficult in material. Inventory material is very little. The quantity of harvests was very low because unfavorable weather.

Cope with this difficulty, enterprises import continue material. According statistic of 2016, our nation had to import largely cashew nut which more 14% than 2015 and 3 times than quantity of exported cashew nut.

Importing raw material causes risks of danger in international payments. Many enterprises signed to import but they did nothing or delayed to delivery. Domestic production enterprises had to cancel their exported orders because they didn’t have enough material which is bad effect to their reputation.

Fierce competition

In fact, demand of cashew nut consuming not only domestic but also international increases but there is fierce competition in the market, market higher and higher.
Countries of Africa which is source of kernel to import to our nation also encourage production in domestic instead of exporting raw material like now. If which becomes true, our nation will lose export market share.

Weak nation brand

Our nation is the best nation export cashew nut in the world but our brand not yet strong. If mentioning to cashew nut, almost housewives in the world think about India than Vietnam. This problem causes big difficulty to compete, expanse market and improve prices.

Solution to pass by difficulty for cashew nut production industry

Now some solution are suggested to solve the problems that

  • Increasing quantity of exported raw cashew nut and focus in quality of product
  • Improving domestic cashew area for growing, intensive farming, increase crop, implant to refresh old cashew garden for improving quality of domestic raw cashew nut.
  • More attention to drying, preserving raw material after harvest.

Hoping these solutions can solve difficulty of cashew nut production industry and help that industry continuously developing in the future.

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