Which Cashew nut without skin and cashew nut with skin is better?

Although fresh cashew nut or processed cashew nut, there are two kinds of popular products: cashew nut without skin and cashew nut with skin on the market. Many customers often confuse which one is better? Let’s find answer now!

Cashew nut without skin

Cashew nut without skin is called that yellow kernel because cashew nut looks colorful with yellow color. It’s said that this type is nice and convenient to eat but cost of cashew nut without skin is more expensive than because it is passed to more processing steps.

To keep cashew nut out of being broken and easy to split skin, big nut size often is chosen to process so it is often used to export to abroad. However, gourmets don’t like this type because the natural flavor can be destroyed by drying, steaming, roasting process.

Cashew nut with whole skin

It means kernel has whole skin outside. The skin has brown skin, grey mix white cross. Although its appearance isn’t good but domestic customers very like this type.

The ugly skin has many benefits. It prevents kernel from reach directly to environment and some conditions in process. It is important part keeps natural aromatic flavor of kernel.

Every kind of cashew nut has own advantage. You can choose cashew nut without skin with colorful and luxury appearance for gift for international guests. However, if gift for relationship or using, you should choose cashew nut with skin. According of customers, it is sweeter and crunchier flavor.

However, with which one is chosen, customers should focus the right brand. Please prioritize reputation brand like Le’s garden. We expect to bring high quality products to domestic customers so we always improve technology, machine and labor to increase quality. Therefore, on fiercely competitive market, Le’s garden can keep faith and credibility of customers.

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